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under construction will be adding more pics and stories of the fuzzies that have found homes.

Oooppss caught again

Ok I got caught again doing something I shouldn't be doing but boy is it good.
Mommy told me no no you can't have that its not good for you, but I just can't help myself. I have to taste it to see if its good. And ummmhhmm good.


Boy do I look packed in there but its very comfy

baby buttercup playing with her brother

Oh boy a big funny looking ferret. He doesn't scare me I"m gonna get him oh yes I am.

I can dooo it yes I can
ok ok I"m jumping from the couch to the floor but dosn't it look like I"m doing a handstand?


round up time caught sleeping in big pile

Ok this one isn't a ferret but is cute
Her new mommy says she is doing wonderfully and getting very big!!

We want to say a big thank you to the people at  for letting us use the picture of the  bridge and poem from their beautiful site