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Boy have I got alot to tell ya all (I'm George by the way,they call me the big mouth around here). Well to start off we've all moved and we love it we have a whole room to play in with lots of different things to climb in. I now live with my auntie and the whole gang and boy  is  it a blast! We have a couple of us looking for a forever home (that is if auntie doesn't get to much more attached to them she always does that but then if its the right home she'll let them have a happy life).

One of our guys that found an awsome mommie, passed away last sat. (right  before mom's  day). Auntie is adding him to the  rainbow bridge page. We got to see him last week before he passed.....his mommie brought him and his bossy sisters and brothers over for some play time It was great to see them.

Auntie is trying to take pics of us to add to the site (course we ain't going to make it easy...heehheee)

New ferret group on yahoo for ferret lovers in missouri

George the curios one and the teller of all

We have more fuzzies needing homes pics coming soon

check out the new site for the pampered fur kids!


Our rescue was started in May of 2005. We felt that there was a need to rescue ferrets in our area,springfield,Mo. Since the closest ones are in Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma City. There wasn't  place to take ferrets and other small fuzzy pets since most Animal shelters are over populated with dogs and cats. There have been alittle over 400 small fuzzies since we started. We always welcome fuzzies and  find a good forever home for them. We have two homes where we house all our rescues, so they can interact with other pets and humans which helps in giving them the love and special care they need while waiting for that special new mommy and/or daddy.

contact:  417-832-1859



Ozark Veterinary Clinic
1802 E. Hwy. 14
Ozark mo 65721
If you make a donation to the vets office please email and let us know that you have made a donation to the vet, the last vet we were using 'lost' them and to this date has not found them.

Just Opened: Dorabeanz closet you can check it out at
All items sold from here help a homeless fuzzbutts

Adding new things Please come back and see us.

Please be sure to get in touch with any comments or reactions you have to my site.


We want to say a big thank you to the people at  for letting us use the picture of the  bridge and poem from their beautiful site